Rhona Silver’s Perspective on Organizing Great Wedding Receptions

In the recent years the expense for organizing a good wedding reception has sky rocketed, with most people going way beyond their means to have their wedding organized in a royal style. Although the recent economic recession has affected this trend to some extent, couples are still willing to go over-the-top to arrange a perfect party for their friends and acquaintances on their special day.

However, ace caterer Rhona Silver feels that while it is good idea to celebrate your special day in a unique manner, breaking your bank for the same is definitely not a sensible decision. Rhona Silver feels that a major reason for couples going over-budget while planning their wedding reception is their ignorance of the catering business and concepts. In fact, most couples feel that hiring catering services is not much different from hiring a wedding dress designer or a hair stylist. Sadly, this often causes them to spend much more than their budget.

They rarely realize the fact that when it comes to catering, the cost is calculated on the basis of price per person and this does not include the service charges. According to Rhona Silver, the most important aspect of organizing a great reception is not focused on choosing the right caterer or the best venue or even a perfect menu.

Rather it is more about the people attending the reception and their ability to have fun and enjoy themselves. While the kind of food being served or even the music being played is critical for the success of any party, it is the basic emotion of love and feeling of happiness for a loved one that really sets the mood of the party.

Other aspects such as the type of decoration, the table linen and china or even the choice of centerpieces only help to enhance the sense of pleasure and celebration. And in order to make these things perfect, it is vital to add a little bit of personal touch and creativity. Rhona Silver founded to help people in finding the most suitable and affordable catering options easily right from their homes.

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