8 Great Reasons to Choose a Lolly Buffet For Your Wedding

In recent times Lolly Buffets have become incredibly popular in Australia, not just for weddings but also for major celebrations like 18th and 21st birthdays, hen nights, engagement parties, conferences and office christmas parties. The concept is simple. You order a load of different chocolates, lollies or confectionery products and arrange them on a side table for all the guests at your event to enjoy. And enjoy they will. As everyone has a sweet tooth, Lolly Buffets are a sure fire winner. But if you need some more convincing below is a list of 8 great reasons to choose a lolly buffet for your next celebration.

1. The Wow Factor! Whether you use jars, bowls, vases or cannisters, a Lolly Buffet, with strategic decoration and an explosion of colour, can look absolutely amazing! They also smell amazing too. And with the delicious aroma of fresh lollies bursting through their noses the combined visual and sensory effect usually gets your guests all a tither of excitement.

2. They are cheaper than traditional desserts Traditional wedding desserts can be expensive, not least because what you are primarily paying for is the caterers labour. While some desserts can cost upwards of $10 per guest,Lolly Buffets can cost as little as $2 or $3 depending on what you select. Given the tremendous costs involved in organising a wedding these days Lolly Buffets offer you a great cost saving alternative without sacrificing on the enjoyment of the overall dessert experience.

3. You offer guests more choice The great thing about Lolly Buffets is that you can offer your guests more choices than you otherwise would if you just gave them a dessert. Even with an alternative drop, if you decide to give your guests a ‘proper’ dessert you usually only give them two options. If either of these are not to their liking then your guests will leave a little disappointed. By contrast a Lolly Buffet allows you not only to include as many different products or flavours as you want (most couples choose between 8 and 10) but also to increase the chances of your guests finding something they would like.

4. You can do it yourself Although some companies might offer you a finished product in terms of a ‘set menu’, the great thing about Lolly Buffets is that you actually have full control over them. If you so wish, you can source the product yourself through online confectionery retailers like Moo-Lolly-Bar, with the peace of mind of being able to order exactly what you want at more favourable, cost saving, prices.

5. They can double as your wedding bombonieres Wedding Bombonieres are very underrated . Nowadays guests expect a bomboniere gift (especially if you have been to their wedding!). It is also a nice way to express gratitude to them for attending your wedding and giving you a present. Rather than incurring increased costs by buying your guests something extra, you can encourage them to fill a noodle box with their favourite lollies from your buffet to take home with them instead.

6. Plenty of products to choose from There are literally thousands of chocolates, lollies and confectionery products to choose from, so whether it be by colour, or a specific theme, you should have no trouble in finding enough brands or flavours to fill a Lolly Buffet.

7. No wastage Unlike with desserts, where you often unwittingly pay for the caterers to produce more desserts than are required, in case of unforeseen events or emergencies, there is no wastage with Lolly Buffets. Everyone loves chocolates, lollies and confectionery so the chances are they will all get eaten up on the night. If by any chance there are some left you can always….

8. Take what’s left on your honeymoon! What better way to start your honeymoon than sitting in the plane munching on a few of your favourites from your wedding Lolly Buffet?

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