Easy Way to Make a Good PizzaEasy Way to Make a Good Pizza

A pizza is an round, oven-baked, open pie made with yeast dough and smothered with generous amounts of premium toppings, like strained tomatoes with savory vegetables and other seasonings cheese, and a variety of other ingredients. A lot of factors must be taken in to the consideration to make a perfect and delightful pizza. The recipe of the dough, the resting time and the baking determine the quality.

The production of the base from a dough sheet is also an important thing to desire the quality and taste, If the round shape of the dough is discredited in this step, the desired taste can no longer be achieved, not even with the best ingredients. The mandatory ingredients to make a good pizza are the crust dough(flour), Cheese, sufficient amount of water and yeast. Shortening, salt and sugar are also included.

After you add all the flour, kneads you gelt using your hand, the gelt ball should not stick in the bowl then cover the gelt, wait for 15 mins, Now the dough ball is double in size, punch it down, pick the dough and make the base, wrap it and keep it in the refrigerator for an hour.

The base must be prebaked before the toppings are added. It is baked for roughly 8 minutes at a temperature of 450F. Oil is drizzled over the base before the toppings are added to prevent the ingredients’ moisture leaking into the dough. Tomato puree is added next, followed by the other ingredients. The pizza is then baked for around 15 minutes. After baking with the toppings, the pizza is cooled quickly to below 37 F.

This is done to limit the growth of bacteria. The pizza can then be frozen to prevent spoilage. The pizzas are covered in plastic foil, which is then treated with heat, causing it to shrink and wrap around the pizza. Additionally, a type of gas is sometimes used that prevents bacteria from growing.

Often, the pizza is packaged in cardboard boxes to prevent damage during transportation. There are many types of pizza’s available in the market some of them are Hand Tossed , Deep Pan,Stone Baked, Veg & Non-Veg, White, Multi Layered, Dry, Cone Pizza etc., For a good and perfect pizza use unbleached, all purpose flour or whole bread flour, Use right amount of Yeast and then let the yeast rest, rub down the dough enormously and Cook it at correct temperature.

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